AMZ Charity Program

Motivation for Success, Inspiration to Give

One Word About Our Charity Program

We at the AMZSELLERLAB Agency believe in giving, in helping those whose hands cannot reach.
That’s why we unanimously decided that for every transaction that takes place we will donate 3% of the total amounr of the transaction.
We transfer the donations once a month to one of the respected associations we work with.

"Live With Dignity"

In ‘living with dignity’ we strive to allow everyone the basic need to simply live with dignity.
Thanks to you, we are working with the goal of reaching more and more families in need and providing them with the necessities of life they need out of respect and a lot of love and heart. The food distributed is kosher.
Thanks to you we are here, able to help every day, every Saturday throughout the year and holidays.

"Moment of Happiness"

The “Moment of Happiness” association is going to visit children with serious illnesses in oncology departments and the like in hospitals.
In order to give them hope and happiness, to bring sympathy and joy into their lives, all this in order to encourage them to heal and believe in it.
Help us preserve this custom, and reach as many sick children as possible.

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