Package Design

Package Design

first impression!

The first thing your customer sees is your packaging.

Invest in the design of the packaging to increase the customer’s chance of enjoyment and thus leave a taste of a quality brand!

Shely V/
Shely V/@amzsellerlab_costumer
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Since I embedded the 3D model on my product page Sales have increased significantly and the CR is much higher
Ella Shulman
Ella Shulman@amzsellerlab_costumer
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I debated a lot whether to invest in a 3D model for the first page. I must say that the conversion rates increased much higher than I expected. I returned the investment very quickly, I am happy and recommend. There is nothing to hesitate.
Asher Dan
Asher Dan@amzsellerlab_costumer
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Highly recommend, we returned the cost very quickly

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